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Recorded Talks

Many of Michael Parenti’s public talks have been recorded on CDs and DVDs covering a wide range of subjects:
  • U.S. politics, globalism, and imperialism,
  • culture and human rights,
  • ideology, political economy and class power,
  • democracy past and present,
  • fascism, communism, and democratic socialism,
  • free-market crises and capitalism's orthodoxies,
  • human nature and politics,
  • religion and theocracy,
  • conservative judicial activism,
  • ancient history, modern history, and historiography,
  • repression in academia,
  • news and entertainment media manipulation, 
  • environmentalism  and eco-apocalypse,
  • sexism, racism, and homophobia,
  • Venezuela and social revolution,
  • the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yugoslavia,
  • ethnicity, acculturation, and his own early life--to give an incomplete listing.

To order  CDs dealing with these and other subjects, visit the Michael Parenti Archive on the TUC Radio website.

For a complete overview of currently available DVD's, click here.

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